Hire a Laravel & Vue.js developer

Hi, I'm Ben!

I offer a variety of services in the areas of web design and programming, online marketing, PPC strategies and music scoring (for games, films, online videos).
I use Laravel and Vue js to build and keep up creative and functional web-based applications.
My knowledge and services will help your company in various fields.


I am available for freelance work and my timezone is GMT+1(Malta).

My field of knowledge

Laravel Programming

The Laravel framework is among the most popular PHP development frameworks. It is often used as a building tool to create back-end solutions.

Vue js Programming

With Vue js, your front-end application will communicate beautifully with a Laravel built API.

PPC Strategies

Products and services advertising using PPC/Facebook or Google Adsense.

Sales Banners

Social Media banners design to promote your products and services on social media platforms.

Wordpress Installation

Provide installation and optimization tips so that you can rank your blog better on search engines.

WooCommerce Setup

Handle your eCommerce products, setup the gateways, taxes and all the technical stuff on your behalf.

Bug Fix

Fix bugs on your Laravel and Vue apps.

IT Consultation

Creative ideas and strategies to drive up sales in your business.

Music Composing

I have more than 20 years of experience composing music for a variety of projects. I can compose powerful tracks for your games, films and online videos.


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